Privacy Law

Today’s legal climate includes complex rules governing the collection, use, storage, and disposal of information.  These rules vary by location and are continually evolving.  We work closely with our clients to help them navigate these complex and nuanced rules.  We help our clients stay abreast of state, national and international regulatory and statutory requirements.

With our clients we develop data security policies and programs to assure that our clients comply with  GDPR, CCPA and other state data protection laws, PCI Data Security Standards, Red Flag Rules, HIPAA, GLBA, COPPA, TCPA, FERPA, FCRA, CAN-SPAM, FTC guidelines, as well as self-regulatory rules.

We are available to review products and services to identify and resolve privacy and data security issues.  We review privacy policies, disclosures and terms, and also understand data flows involved in our client’s products or services.

Representative Projects Include:

  • Helping clients launch social components to e-commerce sites
  • Advising on product privacy on mobile applications
  • Guiding on roll-outs of new web-based payment processing services
  • Drafting policies for data sharing with cloud service providers
  • Designing compliance programs to launch international services in more than 60 jurisdictions