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George C. Mastrodonato November 2014

Ten Things You Should Know About the Washington Real Estate Excise Tax

Daniel W. Unti August 2014

Dissolution of a LLC

John R. McDowall July 2014

Lease Option Terms Are Worth Paying Attention To In Letters Of Intent


October 2012

Cliff Webster Helps Achieve Wellness by Mentoring UW Athletes


Timothy J. Parker September 2011

Are Insurers Safe When the Legislature is in Session?

Dean V. Butler January 2011

Two-Year Extension of the Bush Tax Cuts—What it Means to You and Your Estate


C. Scott Penner, Emilia L. Sweeney and John R. Welch September 2010

Warning: State Supreme Court Says Statutes of Limitations Do Not Apply to Arbitration Proceedings Without Express Agreement

John R. Welch May 2010

Williams v. Athletic Field Vividly Illustrates That Construction Claims are Subject to Strict Procedural Requirements

April 2010

Washington State Tax Legislation Containing an "Emergency Clause" was Recently Passed by the Legislature and is Awaiting Signature by Governor Christine Gregoire

Jason M. Kettrick March 2010

Challenging Performance Evaluation as "Claims" Under the Contracts Disputes Act

Dean V. Butler January 2010

Temporary Repeal of Federal Estate Tax Requires Review of Estate Plans


September 2009

Washington State Reseller's Permits to Replace Resale Certificates

Dean V. Butler May 2009

Life Insurance Policy Review Recommended

April 2009

How Do You Get Paid in These Difficult Economic Times?


Emilia L. Sweeney November 2008

Are You Compliant With the New Product Safety Act?

Jason M. Kettrick September 2008

Attorneys' Fees Recoverable in Performance Bond Coverage Litigation

Jason M. Kettrick September 2008

When the Owner Bonds Around Your Mechanics' Lien, You Still Have to Litigate the Lien's Validity

June 2008

Beware of Deceptive "Official" Documents

Dean V. Butler June 2008

Estate Planning – Increasing Federal Exemption and the Washington Estate Tax

Tana M. Materi June 2008

International Domain Name Registration Alert

June 2008

Occupational Safety: New Rules for Outdoor Workers

S. Jay Terry June 2008

Recent Court Cases Raise Questions About Construction Liens


July 2007

New Licensing Requirements for Ambulatory Surgery Centers in Washington

John D. Spellman June 2007

Governor Spellman "The Do-Something Politician"

Dean V. Butler May 2007

Estate Planning: News from the IRS

May 2007

Statute of Repose for Construction Defects


Jason W. Anderson September 2006

Appeals: Advice

A. Zzzd June 2006

Washington Department of Revenue Audit Project on Use Tax for Artwork


June 2005

Do You Have a Living Will?

Dean V. Butler June 2005

Washington Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Taxpayers Challenging Washington Estate Tax

April 2005

Do You have a Living Will and Medical Power of Attorney?