Business Counseling &

General Corporate

Business Counseling and General Corporate

We are committed to providing our clients practical, cost-effective advice designed to add value to their businesses. We can assist you in developing strategies to minimize your risk and help you to align your corporate and business goals within your industry.

We offer our clients advice and counseling regarding daily operations. These daily operations include corporate governance and compliance, commercial contracts, employment law, financing and tax. We act as general counsel and advise management, directors and owners about the full range of legal and regulatory issues facing them in their industries. Our services include:

Business Counseling

We work with clients to convert their business ideas into practical realities. Whether assisting our clients in selecting the right business entity to form, planning and structuring their business entity, creating a business plan to seek funding for a start-up venture, acquisition or merger, or restructuring parent and subsidiary ownership structures, we give practical business and legal advice for all phases of a business entity’s life cycle.


We counsel our startup clients on the numerous complex issues surrounding the creation of new business entities, including structuring and creating the entity, providing capital for the entity and beginning business operations, with a view to an ongoing and successful business.

Business Structures and Formations

We assist clients in forming the best business structure for their organization to meet their tax objectives and minimize risk management for the company and personal liability. We educate our clients on the differences in corporate formations and the impact of state and federal laws.

Intellectual Property

Our intellectual property attorneys can assist you with the registration, development, and commercialization of your trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights, and other proprietary information.

Joint Ventures

Our attorneys assist clients with joint ventures, whether it be for single projects or long-term relationships. We collaborate to analyze the many facets of joint ventures, including tax advantages, pre-empting competition, efficiency in the market place, outsourcing and market diversification. We also review conflicting corporate cultures, differing philosophies and financial strength of parties.

Business Governance

Our attorneys assist in developing procedures to ensure compliance of state and federal laws and educate management of economic, business and legal factors that may affect tolerance of risk within their organization.

Tax Law

We advise clients on structuring their businesses to meet tax objectives, including business succession planning, executive compensation and personal tax strategies. We also provide services to address federal and state tax audits, appeals and litigation.

Employment Law

We counsel our clients on a broad range of employment topics that include wage and hour laws, employee handbooks, discrimination, sexual harassment and state and federal laws. We also provide in-house trainings for management and employees and conduct client seminars.

Executive Compensation

We advise clients on executive compensation issues that include benefits such as restricted stock or stock options, incentives or bonuses based upon objectives set for operating performance and vesting.

Transportation and Interstate Commerce

Our attorneys draft contracts and rail and freight agreements for intermodal transportation, process liens for freight and warehouse goods and assist with licensing, permits and real estate leasing. Our government affairs team represents clients with transportation funding to support freight mobility and enhanced rail capacity.

Banking and Commercial Lending

We represent state and federally chartered commercial banks, savings banks and foreign banks. We assist our banking clients in a variety of transactions that include loan structuring, workouts, refinance, commercial collection, retail banking agreements, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions and more.

Ownership Preservation and Estate Planning

We counsel business owners on how to address conflicting or divergent interests to ensure liquidity for company equity, to preserve owner relations, and to provide for the orderly transition of control for the business and its owners.

Business Counseling and General Corporate


David W. Bever

David W.

Commercial Real Estate
Land Use
General Corporate
Dean V. Butler

Dean V.

Estate Planning & Probate,
State & Federal Tax Law

John C.

Construction Law,
Construction Litigation, Government Contracts,
Commercial Real Estate

Kenneth W.

Commercial Litigation
General Corporate,
Mergers & Acquisitions

Zachary K.

General Corporate,
Mergers & Acquisitions,
Intellectual Property Law

Patrick R.

General Corporate,
Mergers & Acquisitions,
Finance & Commercial Lending

Lucinda J.

Labor & Employment Law,
Administrative Hearings
George C. Mastrodonato

George C.

State & Federal Tax Law

Tana M.

General Corporate,
Mergers & Acquisitions
Daniel I. Neuman

Daniel I.

General Corporate, Securities Regulation
Intellectual Property Law
Mergers & Acquisitions
Susan S. Schalla

Susan S.

Business Counseling and General Corporate
Mergers & Acquisitions, StartupsState and
Federal Tax Law, Estate Planning and Probate

Bryant B.

General Corporate,
Securities Law, Startups
Mergers & Acquisitions

Melvin N.

Government Affairs,
Insurance Regulation


Business Counseling & General Corporate, 
Mergers & Acquisitions

Liberty B.

Estate Planning & Probate
State & Federal Tax Law 

Jared R.

General Corporate,
Securities Law, Mergers & Acquisitions
Joseph M. Wallin

Joseph M.

General Corporate,
Securities Law
Mergers & Acquisitions

Scott R.

Real Estate,
Commercial Litigation

Robert J.

Commercial Real Estate,
General Corporate
Clifford A. Webster

Clifford A.

Government Affairs & Legislative Relations

Amy C.

Startups, Privacy Law
Business Counseling & General Corporate
Intellectual Property

Catherine A.

Insurance Regulation
General Corporate

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